The best of snippet
Favourite and surprising original samples

Summertime mix
Concept mixtape about “Summertime” by George Gershwin

COX 10.5.19
4 hours live dj set

Swing twist funk

Reggae/mash up

News for original girls mixtape
Reggae/ragga jungle - created for Vice Germany

Snippet story #1
Friends- a concept mix about friendship

Reel to Reel
Breakbeat, funk, mash up

Elita mixtape

Movie Mix
Original Sound Track mix

Winter is the new summer
Tropical/tropical bass

Spring Roll Dance
Electro swing mash up

Missinred - Cox - 4.5.18
Pt. 1 - Warm-up

Missinred - Cox - 4.5.18
Pt. 2

Playlist Spotify

Since January 2018 you can catch on Spotify my new project "Playlist Sequence", inspired by Fibonacci sequence. All the playlists follow his numbers.

Girl Power
Published the 8th march 2018, we fight all together!

Sunday Chill
The soundtrack for your sunday and chill time.

Back from Party
To relax after a fun night out.

From reggae to swing, few examples how a song can be trasnformed.

Wake up! An inspirational drink!

The music that can make you feel like being on the "Blues" river...